Here is what our customers have said about HR Docs


“Great resource for SMEs who need HR support but don’t need an HR manager. The employment contracts are really comprehensive – very little work needed to personalise them for a new employee.”
Director of Clarity Insight

"Another great tool to cover me and my employee. It is so handy to have the foundation with all the requirements that are common to a Permanent Full Time Employment Agreement with easy to follow instructions on how to personalise and complete the agreement for my employee/position."
Managing Director at Lothlorien Winery

"Clear, simple, and easy. As a small business that revolves around the frequent use of sub-contractors and fixed-term employees for projects, these forms will save me a lot of time and stress. HR often feels like a black hole, but the forms are clear, no-nonsense, and simple to use so I feel assured I am complying with my legal obligations, keeping my business safe and providing security for those who work for me, whilst keeping my HR costs down."
Director of For Purpose

"An excellent agreement tool which looks like it covers all necessary areas and is easy to customise. I really appreciate the word format that allows me to edit any area I need to and highlights areas that require custom information. Makes it so easy!"
Managing Director at Lothlorien Winery 

"A great resource for SMEs and exceptional value. There's a good selection of HR/Recruitment documents/processes covering every aspect from recruiting, on-boarding, employee/employer reviews and everything in between. Furthermore, the documents are clear and easy to use and take the stress out of what can be described as tense situations."
Sales Manager at Focus Recruitment 

"I would like to applaud your product and your company, we have had a difficult situation made easy by using your documentation, we found them invaluable. We would happily recommend your company to any other small company who don't have their own HR department, they offer great service for small businesses, the documents are easy to use, and these quality documents will save you money in the minefield of HR"
Director at Done by Hand Contracting Ltd

"This is a great start for me to build our H & S manual. Have been meaning to do this for ages, but starting was the key! I want to add some sections that cover use of motor vehicles and the processing machinery we use. These are very specific, but it would be useful if there was a starting point for these kind of things."
Managing Director at Lothlorien Winery