Recruitment Documents For New Zealand Employers


Step up your recruitment processes quickly and easily!

When you are running a business with employees, you need processes.

HR processes are absolutely key to success, which is what these documents are designed to deliver for the DIY small business owner in New Zealand.

Have you ever had the experience of advertising for staff and having all the wrong applicants apply?  Sometimes you feel that you are doing the jobs of your employees, thinking for them and working overtime to keep them employed?

Have you ever farewelled your employees at the end of the working day only to start your own day’s work – and finish off a couple of theirs at the same time. You thought employing staff would make life easier for you, but instead, you feel like it’s made you busier. These are all signs that you may not have recruited effectively.

Avoid the classic recruitment traps without the cost of a recruitment agency.

Ensuring you are clear about the type of person, the skills required and about understanding your business culture is a critical and often missed initial step in recruitment. Understanding the strategic growth path you are on will help you understand what your business will need in the immediate future – and must also be considered in bringing people into your business.

The Recruitment Roadmap is only $15 and will steer your recruitment process – it’s a must have for employers with little recruitment experience.

Being clear about what you need from the job before you consider the person is critical – the Job Analysis is your go-to document for getting it clear in your own mind which skills you are looking for.

Always bear in mind - you are not just looking for an employee, you are looking at a future team member – at every level of your business because one person is able to change the culture of an organisation. On this page we have Person Specification, Position Decriptions at various levels, Job Advertisements, Application Forms, Job Analysis and more.

If you are unsure about which form you need – just drop us an email, we are happy to help. Our team all have significant experience in HR and in recruitment. If you feel that you would like to have a number of documents, you may wish to consider our cost effective Membership Plans!

Recruitment Documents

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