Weekly Accountability Sheet – Sales

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Weekly Accountability Sheet – Sales

Your sales meetings will be much more effective when you have all information you need at your fingertips. This is a simple and easy to use form to record a brief of your client meetings, new contacts, work in the pipeline and other tasks to cover in your weekly team meeting catch ups.

A great guideline to help with structuring weekly sales meetings.


Weekly Accountability Sheet - Sales - Preparing for sales meetings in a busy environment often means arriving early or staying late in order to locate all the pieces of information that you need to fully brief your sales team.

This document makes the preparation much more efficient. All new contacts, work in progress, information on pricing and follows required are in one place - ready for you to pass on to your team. Late night and early morning personal time can be used for personal things, as you will be able to manage your weekly sales team meetings smoothly and leave nothing out.

Management is all about systems and for the busy manager on the move, you need a simple and easy to use information database to hold everything together. No longer do you have to hunt through your diary or desk for notes that you have taken during the week. This document so so affordable and will pay for itself very quickly in time savings.

Weekly Accountability Sheet - Sales


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