Vaccination Policy (COVID)

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Vaccination Policy Information for NZ Employers

This is an info-document on Covid-19 vaccination in the workplace for NZ Employers. The document explains what employers may and may not do in terms of requiring what may be deemed personal medical information from employees, and how to handle the situation where the information is withheld.

This document explains how employers can assess whether or not they have a requirement for all employees to be vaccinated now and/or in the future as circumstances change – and how this will potentially impact on future recruitment of new employees.

It is important that employers follow correct and compliant procedures at all times when dealing with employees, and in dealing with employee personal information.

Employers may not discriminate against any employee or candidate and must be transparent with all policies and procedures. Employers are required to provide employees with a safe working environment and Employers must respect the right of Employees to have private or confidential information either not revealed to the employer or held in strict confidence.

This set of employer requirements potentially makes COVID-19 vaccination record keeping potentially an area of risk for employers.

This document will help you make key decisions around your Vaccination Policy with regards to COVID-19 or any future vaccinations required as a result of Public Health Risk.

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