Training Agreement Letter

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Training Agreement Letter

Spending a lot of money on training your staff … and then they up and leave?

Have a documented commitment from your employee clarifying expected outcomes, along with what reimbursement of course costs would be required if the employee was to leave within a specified time frame.


Training for staff is an investment. When they stay and add value to your business through higher learning, all is well, but when they take advantage of the training you have provided then leave - that can be costly and frustrating.

The answer is to prepare a document that the employee and the employer both formally agree to as to what your expectation is post training. The process for putting a training agreement in place is required to be formal and in writing.

This template gives you everything you require to put in place a sensible and reasonable training agreement with any employee - whether it be a new employee or one who has been with your business for some time. It is very reasonable to expect employees to accept terms around training, as they are also accepting the benefit from the training at your cost.

Remember that all time spent by an employee in training should be paid time, and the cost to and from the training venue, if further than the trip to their usual place of work, must be reimbursed. If you require additional information on current NZ Employment Law around staff training, please contact us - or consider one of our annual subscriptions, one of which allow some professional one to one consultation time every month with an HR specialist.


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