Screening Checklist

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Screening Checklist

There can be a great many applicants apply for a role so you will need to have a screening checklist to introduce a structured system that details the actual requirements of the role.

Asking a set of tailored questions eliminates the unsuitable applicants – saving you time, energy and money.


Screening Checklist - Employers often get an overwhelm of candidates, which is were a recruitment professional is sometimes useful. This DIY screening document is a very helpful screening technique that keeps you focused on the requirements of the role, so you can very quickly and efficiently sort your candidates into categories - saving time and energy.

It's easy to get distracted by details of different applications, but by screening into categories, you can quickly respond to those who are not suitable, then concentrate on the pile of the most suitable candidates - identifying new employee through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Screening Checklist


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