Post Induction Survey

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Post Induction Survey

Gain feedback from your staff on their induction into your company to ensure they have settled in and whether there are any matters of concern. This feedback enables you to gain a clearer picture of the thoughts of staff, and allow you to address any human resource issues that you may not have been aware of.


Getting feedback from your employees is always a good idea. When they first start in your business is a good time to start. Once a new employee has come in and undergone the induction programme, you have a unique opportunity to get feedback on how thorough and helpful this was for the new employee. Don't take it as criticism, take it as a form of continual improvement. Good employees give helpful positive feedback to employers, and this should be encouraged at all times. No employer has their HR at 10 out of ten - but that's the goal, and getting feedback at every stage is one way to take steps toward achieving that.


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