Pandemic Bundle

$497.00 +GST

Emergency Management Pandemic Bundle

Includes all the HR documents employers will need should there be a civil defence emergency of any nature, requiring employers to relocate employees and take all due caution with regards to workplace management in the event of a communicable disease or pandemic.

While these documents were created as a result of and response to the COVID19 Pandemic in New Zealand, they are suitable for other emergency situations where Civil Defence, Ministry of Health or NZ Government initiates a state of emergency on the place where your business is conducted.

Save yourself valuable time and energy by rolling out existing compliant documentation.

Emergency Management Pandemic Bundle includes:

  • Vaccination Policy (COVID)
  • Workplace Change Proposal
  • Change Proposal Meeting Invitation Letter
  • Employer COVID-19 Wage Subsidy’s and Leave Payments
  • Workplace Guidance During Situations of Epidemic
  • Health and Safety Plan (COVID Specific)
  • Return to Work Policy
  • Employee Daily Sign in Register
  • Contractor’s Contact Trading Record
  • Employee’s Contact While at Work Register
  • Covid-19 Induction List
  • Cleaning Register
  • Company Medical Tracking Register
  • Site Meeting Register (offsite use)
  • Policy for Business Operations During Covid-19 Alert Levels
  • Contractor on Site Register
  • Return to Work Letter for Employees- Level 2
  • Level 2 Policies – Manufacturing
  • Level 2 Policies – Construction
  • Return to Work Letter for Employees- Level 3
  • Checklist for Returning to Work
  • Level 3 Policies- Manufacturing
  • Level 3 Policies- Construction
  • Working from Home Handbook

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