New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

$497.00 +GST

HR Documents for New Employee

All the document templates you need for new employee documentation including employment agreement, letter of offer & all induction processes.

Using this bundle you will not only have a compliant process for all employees now and moving forward, but you will also save yourself a ton of time (and compliance-related worry).

Have correct and compliant processes reduces your risk of grievance due to compliance and also delivers a clear, professional message to any and all

New Employee Document Bundle includes:

  • Individual Employment Agreement Full Time Permanent Employee
  • Letter of Employment (without conditions)
  • Letter of Employment (with conditions)
  • Policies & Rules Template
  • Employee File Checklist
  • Probation Period Review Form
  • Pre 90 Days Employee Catchup Checklist
  • Induction Checklist
  • 90 Day Trial Checklist
  • New Employee Preparation Checklist
  • Employee File Compliance Checklist
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Quick Reference Sheet for New Employees Template
  • Post Induction Survey

These documents will be able to be used multiple times for every new employee coming into your business.

SAVE!! The total value of this Bundle is $660 – save $164 by purchasing the Bundle!

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