Learning & Development Strategy for Employees

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Learning & Development Strategy for Employees

Your employees are the future for your business. Every business in growth requires future Human Development. As you grow, you need to develop key people in your organisation. Training and Development for yourself and your employees is a core component of your HR Strategy. The future goals for your business will be seamlessly met if you predict them and manage toward them.

Use this document as a base for the training and development requirements for your staff, and work towards your  business of the future!


Employee training is possibly the single most underrated HR practice. Employers focus on the cost rather than the benefit. If you train your staff and develop their careers, they are far more likely to stay wth you. If that feels like a daunting task, you just need a process sin place to manage it - just like every other aspect of managing your business forward. This document is designed to help you carry forward the training and development needs for your business and employees - a very worthwhile investment.


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