Learning & Development Plan for Employees

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Learning & Development Plan for Employees

Do you want a bit of direction or structure with your planning? Need to sort out some business outcomes and measures.

Use this series of simple and logical steps for creating your effective learning & development plan.


Learning & Development Plan for Employees - The foundation for a successful business growth is in the development of the staff. This document is designed to create a structured approach to Human Resource Development planning. You will find that you will identify goals for yourself and your employees that have far greater impact on your business if you consider the training needs for the roles for the future. The future of the business is created by planning where you want it to be and how to get your employees to take it there. Too many business owners try to micro-manage their future business instead of empowering their employees to take ownership and to continually develop increased level of skill and insight to achieve higher goals.

Your future business relies on upskilling and developing the people in your business.

Learning & Development Plan for Employees


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