Job & Person Specification for Employers

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Job & Person Specification for Employers

Ensure you recruit the right person using your Person Specification. This document will detail the minimum requirements – experience, qualification, skills etc, you require for the role within your business.

This flexible template with clear instructions will make it easy to create the detailed person specification for the selection of your new employee.


Writing the specification for the person you need for the job you are about to advertise is a very important and often skipped step in the recruitment process.

Businesses are organic. They change over time. Every employee joining your business will bring with him or her new ideas and a new influence on your team. This generates waves of change.

This template allows you a structure for identifying the skills and level of experience you need for the job to be successfully done. Once you have specified what you need for the role, you can design your application form accordingly to screen for exactly the skills you are looking for - saving you time and money. Anyone not meeting your specification can be easily responded to using these email response templates.

Before writing your job ad, consider the larger picture of what skills you need and if you wish to change this position in any way from the previous person. Getting insight from the outgoing employee through conducting an exit interview will help direct this process. f


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