Job Analysis

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A job analysis is the first step involved in the recruitment process for a role that is newly established or if the role being recruited has changed significantly. The job analysis specifies where the duties/tasks/training/resources for the role currently are and where they could be in future

Use this template with easy to follow instructions to understand how to conduct a job analysis in your business.


Understanding the requirements for a position or role in your business is an extremely important first step in the recruitment process, and is commonly used for both newly established positions and in restructuring situations.In analysing the scope of and skills required for a position and the time required to perform functions, synergy with other roles in the business, it becomes much easier to find the right candidate and to get the level of employee productivity you require. Essentially the Job Analysis focuses you on the outcomes of the position and the potential for the future

Use the job analysis template to lay out your requirements for the role, and in a more macro strategy building situation, to lay out all of the functions required across your business into a series of Job Analyses forming an overall HR plan.


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