Human Resource Manual

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Human Resource Manual

HR Manual for employers – every business with employees will need one of these, Don’t spend your valuable time trying to figure out what should go in your HR Manual, just use this one. It’s ready to roll. Just add staff.

The following are included in the HR Manual:

  • Welcome for new employees
  • Your company history
  • What we do (outline for incoming employees)
  • Outline of who your clients are
  • Mission, vision & values for your company
  • Details of the employee’s employment
  • The business environment
  • Code of Conduct
  • Dress code
  • Internet and IT policies you work to
  • Policies around use of social media for employees
  • Recruitment and Induction policies/processes
  • Training & Development policies
  • Probation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Equal opportunities policy & anti bullying policy
  • Pregnancy at work & parental leave
  • Flexible working arrangements for employees
  • Performance Improvement policies & practices
  • Grievance policies
  • Conflict of Interest declaration & policies
  • Intellectual property restrictions
  • Environmental best practice


Every business with employees, no matter how many, should have an HR Manual encompassing your Human Resource policies and documents. As your business grows, and your need for employees increases, your policies will have already been considered and been in place. This will cause your business to grow in a more strategic and robust manner.

Most business owners on reflection of how they operated their first business will agree that strong and robust people management processes, clear communication and performance tracking is the one critical area to running a business for strategic growth and scale.

This HR Manual has been formatted for you to be all inclusive - a one stop Human Resource Manual! Once you have read all the material and formed your policies, you will be set to go forward confidently and lead your team into the future!

Also worth considering - the HR Docs annual membership plans. All your HR and recruitment documentation and updates for a reasonable 12 month fee.


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