Health & Safety Manual for Employers

$75.00 +GST

Template Health & Safety Manual for Employers. This is a necessary and mandatory document to be made available to anyone requesting it. Save time and worrying by purchasing a template.

The following are included in the Health & Safety Manual:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Management responsibility
  • Employee Responsibility
  • Health and Safety Meetings
  • First aid arrangements
  • Accident and Near Miss Recording, Reporting and Investigation
  • Recording Accidents and Near misses
  • Investigating Accidents and Near misses
  • Hazard and Risk Records
  • Identification of Hazards and Risks
  • Recording of Hazards and Risks
  • Advising about in Hazards and Risks
  • Eliminating, Isolating and Minimising
  • Serious Harm Incidents
  • Serious harm Definition
  • Reporting Serious Harm incidents
  • Time off work as a result of Workplace injuries
  • Acceptance of workplace injury claims
  • Obtaining medical Information
  • Withholding consent for the release of medical information
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Further Health and Safety Resources


Health and Safety is a key concern for New Zealand Employers. All aspects of workplace safety have come under close scrutiny in recent times. Employers are required to have a full manual in place and conduct employee training on policies and procedures.

Failure to comply with employer requirements for Health & Safety could result in costly legal action - investigators are proactively approaching businesses to inspect their documentation, which must be made publicly available on request.

This templated Health & Safety Manual will save you lots of time and effort. You will be sure that all elements required to be included will be, and should you be required to - you will be ablee to demonstrate that you have taken due care in preparing your manual. Please note that you will also need to conduct staff training and include Health and Safety in your induction processes


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