General Interview Questions

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General Interview Questions

General Interview Questions – This is a list of straightforward questions to ask your candidate. These interview questions are suitable for all levels of job interviews.


When you are interviewing staff regularly, preparing to interview can be time consuming for employers. During the interview process, it is important to be consistent with your interview questions and to ask the same questions. If you are not prepared with a clear interview guide, including interview questions, usually the interviews from one candidate to another will vary considerably, and you will not be able to make a decision on which candidate suits your business best. Effectively, you will be giving a different interview to each candidate.

While there are benefits in exploring different areas of skill with different job applicants, if you have established your job analysis and person specification thoroughly, you do require all applicants to answer the questions that best suit these documents.

These interview questions are established for employers to reduce the time required for interview preparation, they are based on years if interviewing experience. Select your interview questions and prepare your interview guideline before you select your candidates for a more professional, streamlined and purpose driving interview process.


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