Employment Application Form

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Employment Application Form

Have peace of mind using a comprehensive application form gathering all of the required information along with covering the authorisation and declaration for pre-employment checking and testing. Keep it simple – have all of the candidate details in one document!


Pre screening your job applicants with a job application form is an excellent way of prioritising the candidates as they arrive in - and enables you to focus on what you are looking for in a future employee.

This application form template allows you to cut through the many applications quickly and easily. You may also wish to consider using our standard email replies to save the time of writing them yourself.

Capture key information from your applicants on things like previous ACC claim, injury or unwellness that you may not place in a contract, or put in writing during an interviewing process. This saves you future worry and stress if your applicant has lied to you in a key issue.

There are legal compliance issues with what you can and can not ask employees on an application form. Using this form ensures you are compliant with all current legislation, while also getting the benefit of a full screening process on what you need for employees in your business


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