90 Day Trial NZ Document Bundle

$97.00 +GST

Employee Trial Period Bundle

Six key documents for employers to use in managing employee trial periods are introduced, measured & documented correctly.

Employers with 19 or fewer employees may use a 90 trial period for new employees to the business, but the trial period must be included in the employee’s Individual Employment Agreement and the terms thereof must have been discussed with the employee.

In the instance of an employee not meeting work standards, employers must have taken measurable actions to improve performance through training and coaching.

The employee must have been made aware of any issues arising and should never experience a surprise termination – including those during the initial 90 days.

The Trial Period Bundle includes:

  • Trial Period Policy
  • 90 Day Trial Notice of Completion
  • Pre 90 days Employee Catch-up
  • 90 Day Trial Termination Letter
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • 90 Day Trial Checklist.

This bundle is valued at $168 – grab it for almost half of that here!

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