Employee Training Register

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Employee Training Register

Keep on top of your staff planning – ensure all of your employees training and refresher courses are on the training register.

Know who has had training, are staff due for training or when a refresher course may be required.


Employee Training Register - There are so many tasks to remain on top of as a small business owner with employees. Keeping a clear record of training requirements and training completed is a really useful way of monitoring where your training and development plan is at. This template is designed for employers who need to have a checklist system of the progression of the training plan. Training means increased productivity and a higher level of input and engagement for your employees.

It's very easy to lose track of all activities across all employees if no system is in place. HR Docs specialises in creating easy to use employer DIY HR processes, without the cost of an HR consultant. Once you start using our templates, you will be hooked! Making it easier for employers to manage staff is our goal!

Employee Training Register


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