Employee Skills Matrix

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Employee Skills Matrix

This matrix helps you to identify the skills and training areas within your team, giving you a clearer picture of the possible strengths and weakness within your business.


The Employee Skills Matrix is an Essential HR Planning Document

Employee Skills Matrix - All employees come with skills and aptitudes. The question sometimes is - what degree of skill overlap do you require - and at what level of experience. For example in succession planning, you may wish to have more than one employee with a key skill mentoring a less experienced person with the same skill or academic training and build a succession plan. Similarly when people are sick or on annual leave, overlapping key skills are extremely valuable to allow the business owner to not have to step in.

Laying out the employee skill matrix for each employee enables you to succession plan and build skill or experience in areas that you wish to develop for the future. In short, it gives you control over the future direction of your business from a skills management point of view. Human Resource management is all about having the right person in the right seat at the right time with the right skills and attitude.

Employee Skills Matrix


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