Employee Restraint Bundle

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Protect Your IP With Restraints

Four HR Document Bundle

You can place a restraint for a specified period of time on employees leaving your business with regards to soliciting your employees and your customers, or where the employee may be establishing or joining a business that is in direct competition with your business.

The only time you may not restrain an employee is where it would mean that he or she is not able to reasonably make a living.

Any restraints that you wish to put in place for future enactment must be agreed upon commencement of employment – or at another time during the employment (for example if specific advanced technical knowledge was to be acquired as a result of the employment, or knowledge of a particular aspect of your business was to be introduced that would disadvantage you should it be used by another business.

You may also stand an employee down to investigate any situation, should you see the need to do so, but you must have allowed for this eventuation with your company policies.

This four document Bundle includes the following documents:

  • Non Competition Policy
  • Non Solicitation Policy
  • Restraint of Trade Policy
  • Garden Leave Policy

Having these in your Policy Manual and available to all employees, and incoming employees will ensure you are both protected and compliant in your HR process management. The Policy Manual is the element of your management processes that ensures you are fully transparent and also consistent in your management of all employees equally.

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