Employee Induction Kit

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Employee Induction Kit

Our comprehensive Employee Induction Kit containing:

  • Induction Manual
  • Employee File Compliance Checklist
  • On-boarding Checklist


Our Employee Induction Kit contains:

Induction Manual

Have your new staff 'hit the ground running' by getting your company induction sorted with this easy to follow induction template. Your new employee induction ensures 'day one' is a productive one and not one spent wondering what should have been covered.

Often Managers start a new employee in the business and expect them to know what to do straight away, and end up disappointed.

Your induction process is absolutely essential if you wish to have your new employee become independent and productive as quickly as possible. The staff induction process should be formally structured and in written format, so that everyone in the induction process knows what is expected of them.

This can take a long time to do - so is sometimes a step that is omitted. This template will enable you to personalise induction programmes for incoming team members, and allow you to get back to your own work as quickly as possible.

Employee File Compliance Checklist

A comprehensive checklist outlining what is legally required in an employee file.

On-boarding Checklist

A comprehensive induction checklist to ensure your new employee is properly welcomed on board, covering the required human resource processes.

As a business owner, it's easy to forget what it's like to start working at a new company as a new employee. The systems, the company culture and everything imaginable will be different - not just the people! This induction checklist is a comprehensive checklist of everything that this person will need from you and what you will need from them.

Make the transition to a new job as seamless as possible, and as stress-free as possible for your new employee. They will be relatively more productive at an earlier stage of their time with you as a result.


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