Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

$237.00 +GST

Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle.

Employee Agreement Bundle includes:

  • Individual Employment Agreement Full Time Permanent Employee
  • Letter of Employment (with conditions)
  • Job Description Template

You will be able to cover a multitude of employment situations with this document bundle.

Total value of this Bundle is $271 – save 12% by purchasing the Bundle!


Our Employee Agreement Bundle contains:

Letter of Offer with Conditions

This letter of offer is for the prospective new employee being offered the position within your company. It is a comprehensive letter covering the legal requirements for an offer letter. It includes conditions to your offer such as drug testing, criminal history checking, and reference checking.

With every employment contract, you should also include an offer of employment as a professional standard. There are certain requirements your letter must meet - it is essentially an extension of the employment contract and must be written as such.

This template offers you a pre-written letter of employment with conditions of employment clearly noted, that you can easily change out for different employees and send with the employment contract, saving you time, staying compliant with your responsibilities under NZ Employment Law and avoiding recruitment errors.

The template is an important HR Document at a very affordable price.


Permanent Full Time Employee Employment Agreement

A permanent full-time employee employment agreement is a legal requirement for every full-time employee employed within your business.

The Permanent Full-time Employee Employment Agreement includes all of the legal minimum employer provisions under New Zealand employment legislation giving you peace of mind.

A full-time employment agreement must be in place for every full-time employee before he or she starts employment with your business.

This template covers every requirement of full-time employment contracts to be fully compliant with NZ Employment Law, saving you time and stress in preparing employee contracts.

Employment contracts are binding for the entire duration of the employee's time with you, so make sure you have all of the terms and conditions for the employment agreement clear and as you wish them to be. You insert the details as specific to your business into the template, meaning you can be sure the structure and content of the document are legally compliant and correct.

Job Description - General

Every staff member must have a job description or position description (as it is also known) with their employment agreement - it is a legal requirement. A job description also provides clarity of information with regards the actual tasks and objectives, and requirements of the role.

Use this template, with easy to use clear instructions, to create a job description/position description for the new role within your business.

This document is an HR template position description for 'general' use. It includes all the aspects of a job description required that employers provide for employees. Using this template will save you time, and of course remove the worry that you may have missed something from your position descriptions. If you wish to step up your HR processes, you may wish to consider job descriptions suitable for Management level or General Management and Director positions - as these are key roles in moving your business forward.

You may also like to consider an annual membership plan - one of which includes regular one to one consultations. If you have questions or concerns about HR, please contact us for a consultation.


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