Competency-Based Interview Questions and Star Interviewing Method

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Conducting an interview and not sure what questions to ask to get descriptive ‘real’ responses from the candidate? Or are you just not wanting the ‘same old’ type of questions that get a ‘same old’ rehearsed answers.

Use these competency based interview questions, with over 170 interview questions that cover over 30 various competencies plus the STAR method assessment technique – you are sure to get the answers you are looking for.


When interviewing a candidate for a job in your business, you need to consider many factors, including cultural fit and personality, but the single most important factor is whether or not the person can do the job that you are considering him or her for. This is termed competence.

STAR interviewing technique is one of the best interviewing methods of finding out specific skill based information and specific situational instances where an example can point to competence. Use STAR interviewing to put you candidates in the situation of providing you with tangible evidence of his or her competence, and how he or she will likely handle the role when working for you.

What you see at an interview is what you get when they start with you, so if you need someone who can definitely do the job and be up and running quickly, you need to use these interviewing techniques.


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