Leave Request Form

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Leave Request Form

By using a leave request form there is less chance of sick days, days off, annual leave, or part days being forgotten about when it comes to pay day. Absence from work can be easily forgotten about a week or so down the track.

Just use this employee leave form which covers all aspects of leave to ensure you have all the correct info when it comes to paying your staff and recording their leave.


All forms of leave taken by employees must be recorded in your payroll system. The leave request form is used by the employee, stating reasons and dates for the leave. Leave is unconfirmed until you sign the form and advise the employee that leave is confirmed.

The leave request then remains in the employee file.

This form can be used for all forms of paid or unpaid leave, and is very useful in the instance where an employee queries a pay dispute well after the fact. Don't rely on your memory, Use proper HR processes instead.

Leave requests forms leave you in no doubt that the information in your payroll system is correct, and also allow for a useful double check should one be required.


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