Accident investigation Template

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Accident investigation Template

Accident investigation template to save you time in creating your own process, This is a mandatory process for all employers. Save time and worry by implementing a ready made process.


Accident investigation Template - Workplace accidents and incidents involving safety must be treated very seriously. Prompt action is required by employers to fully investigate and document any incident and to implement a follow-up process for full care and recovery for the accident victim.

Failure to have adequate and thorough systems in place - and full training in how they are to be used, is considered to be a breach of the employer's responsibility and the rights of both employee and visitor.

You are responsible for the safety off all employees, contractors and visitors in your care at all times while conducting business. This form enables you to you implement a professional incident investigation process without any time or effort on your part in process establishment. Relax knowing that your incident investigation process is fully compliant.

Accident investigation Template


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