90 Day Trial Termination Letter

$27.00 +GST

90 Day Trial Termination Letter

The 90 Day trial – available in New Zealand only to employers of 19 or fewer employees, is a fantastic way to bring employees into the culture of the organisation and be sure that they will connect with your business, and behave as you anticipated.

If you have concerns about the cultural fit for an employee, you may dismiss an employee during the 90 days for any reason other than performance-related issues, but you must follow due process.

Any performance related issues must be raised with employees and the correct performance management process followed – regardless of the 90 day period.

This document is to enable you to follow the correct process for communicating with an employee who you wish to discontinue within the 90 Day Trial period.

Following correct process for compliance is extremely important in situations like this. If you are unsure how to progress a 90 Day or any other type of employee dismissal, please contact us for further information. Consulting time will be charged, but is likely to be of huge assistance where you are in doubt.

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