90 Day Trial Termination Letter

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90 Day Trial Termination Letter

The 90 Day trial is a fantastic way to bring employees in to the culture of an organisation and be sure that they will connect with your business.

You may dismiss an employee during the 90 days for any reason other than performance related issues, but you must follow due process.

Any performance based issues must be raised with employees and the correct process followed. This document is to enable you to follow the correct process for communicating with an employee who you wish to discontinue within the 90 Day Trial period. For more detailed information or advice on HR or employment issues, please contact us.



90 Day Trial Termination Letter - If you intend to not continue a new employee beyond the 90 day trial, you need to adhere to a strict process in terms of advising the employee.

The letter of termination is one aspect of that process. This template delivers you a legally compliant letter of termination, so you will not have to spend valuable time writing and rewriting, or worrying whether or not you are complying with current Employment Law.

This document is a cost effective short track to correct communication with your employee in terminating the 90 Day Trial.


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