90 Day Trial Checklist

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90 Day Trial Checklist

90 Day Trial Checklist – As the employer you must be sure of your requirements before terminating under the 90 day trial period clause.


90 Day Trial Checklist - The 90 day trial period is an excellent way of ensuring the person you selected for the position will fit in with your team and is able to do the job you advertised. Employers sometimes think that they are free to terminate or change the terms of the employment during the 90 day trial period. This is actually not the case.

90 day trial periods do allow either party to terminate the employment agreement under a different set of criteria, but the law is clear on the fact that due process must take place.

This template gives you a process to follow to ensure that you are compliant with employment law and not risking a future grievance.

This is an area where if you do have concerns, you should definitely engage the services of an HR advisor. Please feel welcome to contact us for further advise, or to caht about our annual membership plans.

90 Day Trial Checklist


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