360 Degree Survey (Form)

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360 Degree Survey

A useful management tool for employee performance evaluation, to give feedback from management, supervisors and peers.

Manage your staff review process more easily with this development and performance appraisal form.


The 360 Degree review is a management tool that really helps with communication within a team. Often performance reviews in a business are one way - manager to employee. The

The 360 Degree Review process allows managers and team peers to also receive feedback from team members on their management and working style - while giving feedback themselves. The 360 Degree Review considers more dynamics than performance against KPIs

The 360 Degree Review considers more dynamics than performance against KPIs alone and often helps teams understand each other better. The way in which the 360 Degree review is conducted is obviously very important, in that feedback must be professional, constructive and useful for progress forward. Every person in your business has their own communication style and personality, which - while personality can not ultimately be changed, the delivery style can be influenced.

Management is all about communication, and getting the best out of people to improve all aspects of business. Performance management is a key focus for HR, and performance management for managers is critically important. Your managers will be far more open to the needs of their team members if they receive direct feedback on management style, and team members will also benefit greatly from peer reviews. When conducted well, the 360 Degree leads to a happier, more productive team overall.


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