Employment Agreements

Employment Agreement Templates NZ

EMPLOYMENT-AGREEMENTSYour employment agreement is likely to be one of your most key documents and it does require a regular review to ensure that you remain compliant.

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  • all inclusive employee agreement bundle

    All Inclusive Employment Agreement Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • employee agreement essentials bundle

    Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

    $237.00 +GST
  • Employer Accreditation Bundle

    Employer Accreditation Bundle

    $544.00 +GST

    New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • policy and procedure manual

    Policy and Procedure Manual

    $195.00 +GST
  • permanent full time employee employment agreement

    Permanent Full Time Employee Employment Agreement

    $195.00 +GST
  • Contractor's Agreement

    Contractor’s Agreement

    $195.00 +GST
  • casual employee agreement

    Casual Employee Employment Agreement

    $49.00 +GST
  • permanent part time employee employment agreement

    Permanent Part Time Employee Employment Agreement

    $195.00 +GST