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Recruitment Document Templates

RECRUITMENT-DOCUMENT TEMPLATESEmployers undertaking their own recruitment need to be sure that a correct process is followed, both for the effectiveness of outcome and for compliance.

We have prepared these documents for employers to be sure that all bases are covered for DIY recruitment.

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  • Candidate Interviewing and Selection

    Candidate Interviewing and Selection (9)

  • Contractor Agreements

    Contractor Agreements (1)

  • Employment Agreements

    Employment Agreements (18)

  • Position Definition

    Position Definition (18)

  • all inclusive employee agreement bundle

    All Inclusive Employment Agreement Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • employee agreement essentials bundle

    Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

    $237.00 +GST
  • Employer Accreditation Bundle

    Employer Accreditation Bundle

    $544.00 +GST

    New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • policy and procedure manual

    Policy and Procedure Manual

    $195.00 +GST
  • permanent full time employee employment agreement

    Permanent Full Time Employee Employment Agreement

    $195.00 +GST
  • shorlisting matrix

    Shortlisting Matrix

    $27.00 +GST
  • approval for leave without pay letter template

    Approval For Leave Without Pay Letter Template

    $27.00 +GST
  • interview questions for director roles

    Interview Questions for Director Roles

    $87.00 +GST