Health & Safety Documentation Templates

Employer Templates For Health & Safety Documentation.


Employers are responsible for health & safety of all employees & visitors.


As the person in charge, employers are required to take responsibility for all actions of both employees and site visitors at all times.

Safety protocols must be introduced to all employees and made clear to all those who enter your premises. This may include visitor lots, fire evacuation drills, equipment checks and training, spill or slip management - every aspect of Health & Safety must be included in your policy.

These documents provide you with compliant templates to ensure your risk is reduced and that all bases are considered and covered.


Health & Safety Templates

  • 90 Day Trial NZ Document Bundle

    90 Day Trial NZ Document Bundle

    $97.00 +GST
  • abandonment of employment bundle

    Abandonment of Employment Bundle

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  • Disciplinary Process Bundle

    Disciplinary Process [Bundle]

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  • Employee Restraint Bundle

    Employee Restraint Bundle

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    Restructures and Redundancies Bundle

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    All Inclusive Employment Agreement Bundle

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    Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

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    Employer Accreditation Bundle

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    New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

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    Termination of Employment NZ – Full Bundle

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    Acknowledgement of Receipt of Company Property

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  • diversity and inclusion policy

    Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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  • immigration policy

    Immigration Policy

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  • HR Documents for Employee learning and development policy

    Learning and Development Policy

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  • operations manual

    Operations Manual Policy

    $197.00 +GST
  • policy and procedure manual

    Policy and Procedure Manual

    $195.00 +GST
  • working from home guidelines

    Working from Home Guidelines

    $27.00 +GST
  • working from home handbook

    Working from Home Handbook

    $37.00 +GST
  • working from home policy

    Working from Home Policy

    $47.00 +GST
  • accident investigation template

    Accident investigation Template

    $27.00 +GST