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Save hours of time by using these full manuals!

The single biggest challenge for business owners is staying on top of everything and often that means employee management! Employees are your single most significant resource and your single largest outgoing when your business is in growth mode. Often you can't afford an HR COnsultant while in this stage, so you create your own processes.

Business owners can easily - and often do - get into trouble in the area of HR simply because they are not familiar with correct processes. Here's how you avoid learning the harsh lessons - use correct, legally compliant templates and be sure that your processes are correct.

Manual included on this site - and available for less than $100 cover the areas of Human Resource, Occupational Health & Safety and Operations Management.

You can view more on each of these by following the links to the right - or scroll down and click through to each of the product descriptions below. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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