Employee Pay and Bonus - Rewarding Based on Results


Taking Performance Management Into Employee Rewards.

Monitoring and rewarding performance based on employee outputs.

Employee remuneration is always a topic of interest for both employers and employees. All parties agree that remuneration is based on skill and contribution to business outputs, but some employees have the opportunity to contribute more tangibly to revenue and gross profit than others.

Rewarding all employees is, of course, fundamental to retaining staff. Building bonus and commission programmes that reward people in accordance to their individual contribution (as measured by clearly established performance goals) is good management.

This is an area of HR that can vary from business to business, so it may be worth considering a one to one consultation on this topic before you go it alone with the documents, or considering an annual membership plan - one of which includes a monthly HR consultation.

The documents on this page are to assist you in documenting performance plans and follow up written communications. This is another area where processes are required to be followed in order to stay in line with NZ Employment Law and avoid any future grievance through failure to follow correct HR processes.

Remember, it if very often how you go about doing something that makes the difference. If you would like to book a time with Sara to discuss this area of building bonus programmes, please contact us!

Pay and Benefits

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    Pay Review Letter

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    Employee Bonus Scheme

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    Time Sheet

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