Employee Induction and On-Boarding

Induction  - Setting New Employees Up For Success

Your guide to setting a new employee up for success in your business.

Being set for success means ensuring that every new employee understands from the outset how you expect them to behave, and that business processes are followed.

This section of the site assists you in ensuring your new employee has a full induction to your business, that all employee file documentation for future is correct and keeps you up to date with key considerations for the 90 day employment trial period. Onboarding a new employee into your team is often the most critical step to setting him or her up to work independently and successfully in your business, while also making yourself as the employer both firmly in charge and also approachable. Employees appreciate clear direction in getting their work in line with your expectations. These processes will set both you and the employee up for a great start!

This section also ensures you have correct processes in place for holding key information - as required by NZ Law - on file, without intruding into an employee's private details. It is important small business owners are clear on what employee information they are required to hold on file and up to date (and thus have to right to have from the employee), how often it must be updated and how long they must hold it for. This is an often misunderstood area of employment documentation that can result in the employer having trouble with either Inland Revenue for having too little information, or with the employee - for requesting too much information!

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