Document Bundles for HR Management

HR Processes become simple and stress free!


Imagine - easy HR processes done in no time!


Having correct compliant HR processes is vital to business growth and success.

Your employees will become your single most important resource - and also you single largest outgoing, thus correct management becomes a top priority!

However, HR can be time consuming if you start from scratch - just keeping up to date with regulations can be daunting for super busy employers. 

HR Document Bundles is the answer! Correct, compliant documentation to roll out and put in place in your business!


HR Template Bundles

  • 90 Day Trial NZ Document Bundle

    90 Day Trial NZ Document Bundle

    $97.00 +GST
  • abandonment of employment bundle

    Abandonment of Employment Bundle

    $77.00 +GST
  • Disciplinary Process Bundle

    Disciplinary Process [Bundle]

    $97.00 +GST
  • Employee Restraint Bundle

    Employee Restraint Bundle

    $77.00 +GST
  • restructures and redundancy bundle

    Restructures and Redundancies Bundle

    $287.00 +GST
  • all inclusive employee agreement bundle

    All Inclusive Employment Agreement Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • employee agreement essentials bundle

    Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

    $237.00 +GST
  • Employer Accreditation Bundle

    Employer Accreditation Bundle

    $544.00 +GST

    New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • Termination of Employment NZ - Full Bundle

    Termination of Employment NZ – Full Bundle

    $189.00 +GST

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