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HR Docs Has Been Created With New Zealand Business Owners In Mind

Make your business life easier knowing your HR processes are correct

HR Docs is a treasure trove of Human Resource documentation - designed to save business owners a ton of time without worry about legal compliance. Correct HR processes make your business life more productive and less stressful - now available to you at a fraction of what it would cost to have these written by an HR Consultant.

Whether it's a single document that you require, a full manual such as employee HR documentation, health & safety policies or operations management policies - you will find it here.

Documents on this site are compliant with New Zealand Employment Law (and updated when laws or requirements on employers are amended) and cover the following broad key areas of Human Resource Management: (see quick links to the right, or follow links indicated in blue) Recruitment, Employee Induction, Training & Performance Management, Ending Employment, Pay & Benefits.

If we don't have a document on this site that you require, we can quote and create it for you. We have extensive experience in the area of Human Resource documentation and have written these documents to be not just legally compliant, but also easy to use because we understand just how busy the life of a small business owner can sometimes be.

Policies & Manuals

Code of Conduct

Training & Performance

Performance Management for Results

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Pay & Benefits

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Setting employees up for success

Ending Employment

Managing employment termination

Recruitment Documents and Forms for Employers

HR and recruitment documents aren't just compliance issues; they help you get better work performance from your employees and contractors. And that's what these forms for employers are here for, to make it easy as possible for you to manage your team. The documents and forms for employers you can buy cover everything from pre-employment, employment contracts, induction, during employment, post employment as well as general HR documents.

Doc Shop buying options

You have two buying options for the documents and forms for employers:

  1. Buy documents individually: Buying individual documents and forms is ideal if you only need a few items. The price varies depending on the length and complexity of the document.
  2. Annual membership: Save money with an annual membership that gives you access to all the resources - as well as other goodies. What's more, with an annual membership, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you're always accessing the most up-to-date documentation to meet current NZ employment laws. See the annual membership options.

What format are the documents and forms for employers in?

The documents are in Microsoft Word format, so that you can easily edit the documents to suit your needs.

How can you buy from HRDocs?

You can buy all the documents online (using your credit card or PayPal account), and you'll be able to download them instantly. PayPal is is our payment processor for credit cards, but you don't have to have an account with them in order to purchase. Simply choose 'Don't have a PayPal account?' Your transaction is then processed on the secure PayPal servers without the need for an account. If you choose the money-saving membership option, please note that this is an annual subscription. Your credit card or PayPal account will be billed automatically each year. (You can contact us at any time to cease your membership, but there are no pro-rata refunds.)

Is there any support?

If you have any issues with the online buying process or accessing your files, please contact us straight away so that we can help you. If you need recruitment and HR support, we can help you with that, and there are various pricing options. The most cost-effective support options are available as add-ons:

  • 10 hours email and phone support per year: $1,950
  • 20 hours email and phone support per year: $3,900

You will be able to select these add-ons as you go through the checkout process.

“A great resource for SMEs who need HR support but don’t need an HR manager. The employment contracts are really comprehensive – very little work needed to personalise them for a new employee.”

Director of Clarity Insight

"Clear, simple, and easy. As a small business that revolves around the frequent use of sub-contractors and fixed-term employees for projects, these forms will save me a lot of time and stress. HR often feels like a black hole, but the forms are clear, no-nonsense, and simple to use so I feel assured I am complying with my legal obligations, keeping my business safe and providing security for those who work for me, whilst keeping my HR costs down."

Director of For Purpose

Most Frequently Purchased Documents

  • all inclusive employee agreement bundle

    All Inclusive Employment Agreement Bundle

    $497.00 +GST
  • employee agreement essentials bundle

    Employee Agreement Essentials Bundle

    $237.00 +GST
  • Employer Accreditation Bundle

    Employer Accreditation Bundle

    $544.00 +GST

    New Employee Induction Doc Bundle

    $497.00 +GST

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