Drug & Alcohol Management

Drug & Alcohol Management in the Workplace


Managing employee drug and alcohol use.


Employers may require employees to undergo testing for drug or alcohol if they have allowed for this in the employee's employment agreement.

The process involved for implementing testing is important to ensure you remain compliant.

Where operation of machinery or equipment in an impaired state will potentially cause risk to any employee or to yur business, it is your responsibility to ensure the risk is measured and managed. These documents will help you do this correctly.


Drug & Alcohol Management Templates

  • drug-alcohol management bundle

    Drug & Alcohol Management Bundle

    $137.00 +GST
  • guide to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

    Drug and Alcohol Testing – Employer Guide

    $47.00 +GST
  • rehabilitation agreement template

    Drug Rehab Agreement [Template]

    $27.00 +GST
  • Justifiable Cause Observation Form

    Justifiable Cause Observation Form

    $27.00 +GST
  • misconduct investigation letter on drugs

    Misconduct Investigation Letter [Drugs]

    $27.00 +GST
  • drug suspension letter NZ

    Suspension Advice Letter – Drug and Alcohol

    $27.00 +GST
  • letter to withdraw conditional offer on employment

    Withdraw Conditional Offer of Employment – Drug Test Related [Letter]

    $27.00 +GST
  • withdraw conditional offer drug test refused

    Withdraw Conditional Offer on Drug Test Refusal [Letter]

    $27.00 +GST