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Small Business Owners are super-busy - pretty much 7 days a week... every week, always with the expectation that the hard work will result in scale.

Scaling a business means increased resource - including increased human resource, however often the addition of employees to a business provides additional and often complex challenges.

HR Docs was created to reduce the stress created by becoming an employer. Tried and tested processes for every step of the employer journey from scoping the position and recruitment - right through to terminating employment and every step in between - we've got your back.


HR Docs Is Your Online HR Support Centre  

Using these HR documents you can manage your Human Resource requirements at minimum cost, while knowing you are acting within current NZ Employment Legislation.

On this site you will also find current health and safety information, parental leave employer requirements, how to evaluate a CV, interview questions and how to go about profiling a position prior to recruitment.

Our team is available if required for expert HR support via telephone or in person for complex or sensitive cases - at additional cost, or check our membership options, which include an option on HR support, and a social centre where you can interact with other small business owners and discuss privately your Human Resource concerns and questions and really optimise your HR management.

Human Resource Documents For Small & Medium Businesses

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